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(verb) give new and improved form, structure, or appearance to.

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Because recipes really shouldn't be that confusing.

Taking the headache out of cooking.

Feeding your family doesn't have to involve confusion and unnecessary work! Here at you will find easy-to-follow recipes that will make getting dinner on the table for you and your family a little more simple. These recipes have been tested and revamped to provide you with a quick reference for meal ideas you and your family will love.

Embracing technology in the kitchen.

Gone are the days of flimsy index cards containing recipes with only words and half written instructions. We are taking our time-tested and loved recipes and revamping them to create a seamless cooking experience with resources you can access from your home computer, laptop, tablet or smart phone. Each recipe is attached with a high quality photo that helps in deciding which recipes you and your family will enjoy.

Simplified is the goal.

Traditional recipes have a way of evolving into more than what is needed as they get passed from person to person. Each has their own suggestions on what way is best which tends to lengthen out the recipe more than needed. strives to revamp our recipes in a way that cuts out all the unnecessary fluff and tries to eliminate overstating the obvious.

Always learning.

Through many years of trial and error and learning from others, I have found some tips and tricks that make cooking easier. Links in the recipes to these tips and tricks provides a great way to learn how best to use these in your recipes.