Alfredo Chicken French Bread Pizza

Frozen pizza definitely has it’s place for dinner at our house but it is usually only used when I am completely wiped out for the day and just need something quick and easy to help me survive until bedtime. (…now that I think about it, sounds like most days!)

But if you have a few extra minutes to spare and a couple more ounces of energy left in you, then this Alfredo Chicken French Bread Pizza is well worth it. It is simple to make, yet looks and tastes like you had loads of time to spend fixing dinner that night – instead of loads of laundry calling your name. We all need a few quick, easy, and delicious recipes up our sleeves to help us get through the dinner week. This is one of those.

This dish usually comes a few days or a week after I have made our Alfredo Sauce (sauce that is liquid gold for the taste buds!) and have a jar or two left over in the freezer. I just thaw it in the microwave for a few minutes and the rest is dinner time history.

Alfredo Chicken French Bread Pizza

Alfredo Chicken French Bread Pizza

Prepare Chicken:

1 Chicken Breast, cooked and shredded

Slice in half lengthwise:

1 French Bread Loaf

Spread on top of halves:

2 c. Alfredo Sauce

Top each loaf with:

Cooked Chicken

Additional topping options:

2 c. Mozzarella Cheese, shredded
2 c. Spinach, softened
2 Tomatoes, sliced
2 Green Onions, sliced
6 slices Bacon, cooked & crumbled

Bake at 350 for 15 minutes.

Alfredo Chicken French Bread Pizza goes great with:

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