Cheese Ball

This is the best Cheese Ball recipe and it is so easy to make. Great addition to your snack table for any get together!

For a few years we couldn’t find the Roka Blue Cheese Spread in any of the grocery stores. We tried a couple of different substitutions for it but it was never the same and never quite as easy. Those were sad years. But luckily they have brought it back and Cheese Ball heaven is here again. Hooray!

Cheese Ball

Cheese Ball

Combine in mixer until smooth:

1 jar Roka Blue Cheese Spread
1 jar Old English Spread
2 – 8 oz. packages Cream Cheese, softened
1 t. Worchestire Sauce
1/3 c. Chopped Green Onion
Chopped Nuts

Roll mixture in nuts and serve with crackers.

Tips for Cheese Ball

  • Can substitue Pimento Spread for the Old English Spread

Cheeseball goes great with:

Cheese Ball

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