Tips & Tricks: Storing Extra Zucchini in the Freezer

A friend once told me that if you are a beginner gardener, make sure you plant a zucchini plant. If you do, your harvest will sure to be plentiful and will make you feel like a natural at gardening. Isn’t that the truth!

We use to plant a couple of zucchini plants in our garden until we realized that come fall we had way too much to even know what do with. I am pretty sure that our neighbors were getting sick of us ding-dong-ditching zucchini at their door!

We now just plant one plant each spring for fall harvest and even that seems to give us more than we can use which is why I love this tip.

Shredding and storing your zucchini in the freezer will free you from the fall time zucchini rut and can be used in recipes for the months to come.

Tips And Tricks Freezer Zucchini

Tips & Tricks: Storing Extra Zucchini in the Freezer

How to store extra zucchini in the freezer:

  • First, peal your zucchini with a vegtable pealer. This step is optional but doing so will give your food a non green speckled look which I prefer, like in my sweet breads that this is used in.
  • Next slice the zucchini in long strips to be used in a vegtable shredder.
  • Shred the zucchini using a vegetable shredder. I love using my Presto Salad Shooter for this. It makes it so easy to shred a lot at once.
  • Decide how you want to portion out your zucchini. I like to portion mine in 2 cups per bag because that is what I use in my sweet bread recipes.
  • Once you have filled all of your bags, label them with a Sharpie with what is in it, portion size, and the date. Your later self will thank you labeling as you pull it back out a few months later wondering what it is!
  • Lay them flat in the freezer to freeze completely. Once frozen you can stand them up and move them around as needed.
  • To use in recipes: Microwave frozen zuchinni for 3 minutes. Flip bag half way through cooking time for more even thawing.

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