Tips & Tricks: Batch Chop Celery

Do you have the same thing happen in your kitchen as mine when it comes to celery? I buy it for a recipe and have very good intentions of using the rest up with other meals but before I know it, I go to grab some other vegetables in the veggie bin and find a wilted half used stalk of celery.

For me it even got to the point where I was just leaving the celery out of the recipe since it didn’t seem worth it to buy a whole stalk for just 1 or 2 celery sticks. Then I tried a trick I use with my onions and diced the whole celery and placed the extra in a freezer bag and stuck it in the freezer.

This trick works great for any recipes where it’s okay if the celery is a little soft like in casserole dishes and soups.

Tips And Tricks Batch Chop Celery

Tips & Tricks: Batch Chop Celery

How to Batch Chop Celery for freezer storage:

  • Clean celery stalk.
  • Remove unwanted edges.
  • Dice using your favorite method. I prefer using my veggie chopper . Makes chopping so much easier.
  • Add to freezer ziplock bags. Do not fill bags too full. The fuller they are they harder it will be to break chunks off later.
  • Label freezer bag.
  • Store in freezer laying flat.
  • Once frozen, bags can be stood up and moved for easier storing.
  • When needed, just grab the bag out of the freezer, give it a few whacks on the counter and then pour out the amount you need.

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