Tips & Tricks: Batch Chop Onions

I love using onions in recipes but I really don’t enjoy chopping them up. Anything that makes me cry – movies, hallmark cards, or even vegetables – I try to avoid as much as possible. I have tried the bags of frozen onions in the freezer aisle but I just don’t love the taste of them. So the best way I have found is to chop a bunch of onions all at once and reap the benefits for weeks (and sometimes months depending on how ambitious I am) to come.

When chopping onions, I prefer to use my veggie chopper. I love the uniform size it makes all the onions. That and the fact that most of the cutting is done inside the chopper container which means less onion juices getting into my eyes and that means less tears.

The bonus to using chopped onions from the freezer is the whacking the bag on the counter to break free some of the frozen onions for your recipe. Helps to get rid of a little pent up frustration when trying to make dinner with kids afoot!

Tips And Tricks Batch Chop Onions

Tips & Tricks: Batch Chop Onions

How to Batch Chop Onions for storing in freezer:

  • Remove outer dry onion layers.
  • Dice using your favorite method. I prefer using my veggie chopper . Makes chopping so much easier.
  • Add to freezer ziplock bags. Do not fill bags too full. The fuller they are they harder it will be to break chunks off later.
  • Label freezer bag.
  • Store in freezer laying flat.
  • Once frozen, bags can be stood up and moved for easier storing.
  • When needed, just grab the bag out of the freezer, give it a few whacks on the counter and then pour out the amount you need.

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I freeze mine too but I put them in a ziplock container. But the whacking part sounds like an added benefit.