Tips & Tricks: Disposing of Greasy Liquids in Cans

As tempting as it is to send that kitchen grease down the sink, it is best not to do it at all. Kitchen grease and oils are some of the main causes of pipe buildups that can lead to clogs and backups that require a plumbers know-how and handy gadgets to get fixed. No one wants to deal with plumbing repairs more than we have to, right? Right.

One way to avoid having to call the plumbers is to dispose properly of your kitchen grease. The kitchen grease I am talking about here is the type of greasy liquid you get after you brown some ground hamburger meat for Spaghetti Sauce or frying up some sausage links to go with your Fluffy Pancakes.

Easily draining the liquid into an easy-to-find can will help you quickly be able to get rid of it properly and move on to the next step of your recipe. I have also found that keeping a few cans on hand, by nesting different sizes together, help in that I always have a can when I need it.

Tips And Tricks Greasy Liquids Cans

Tips & Tricks: Disposing of Greasy Liquids in Cans

How to easily dispose of small amounts of greasy liquids:

  • Choose a spot in your kitchen to store used & cleaned cans.
  • As needed, when you open a can while cooking, wash it out, let it dry and store it in the designated spot. (I have one spot in my spice cabinet where I always have an empty can to be used when I need it.)
  • More than one can will store in one spot if you use different sized cans and nest them together.
  • While cooking, use a can for draining greasy liquid into, such as grease after browning ground hamburger meat or frying up some sausage.
  • When liquid has cooled completely in can, place can in a plastic grocery bag, top side up, and tie securely.
  • Then placed bagged can in trash.

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