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Tips & Tricks: Easily Spread Butter on Top of Baked Breads

Except that you aren't actually spreading butter but margarine instead. You get the same great taste with minimal clean-up when ...
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Tips & Tricks: Batch Chop Onions

I love using onions in recipes but I really don't enjoy chopping them up. Anything that makes me cry - ...
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Tips & Tricks: Batch Chop Celery

Do you have the same thing happen in your kitchen as mine when it comes to celery? I buy it ...
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Tips & Tricks: Soften Butter with Microwave Defrost Option

I use to try to remember to pull out a stick of butter in the morning when I knew that ...
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Tips & Tricks: Have fully cooked bacon on hand

I use to steer clear of this fully cooked bacon at stores because I felt like you didn't get quite ...
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Tips & Tricks: Softened Spinach with Microwave

Some recipes call for softened spinach and I have found that the easiest and quickest way for me to get ...
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Tips & Tricks: Cutting Pancakes with Pizza Cutter

I think it was at my sister-in-laws house that I first saw her using a pizza cutter to easily cut ...
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Tips & Tricks: Using a Mini Loaf Pan for Sweet Breads

I love my mini loaf pans and use them whenever I have a sweet bread recipe to make. The smaller ...
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Tips & Tricks: Line Bread Pans of Sweet Breads for Easy Removal

Lining bread pans of sweet breads is quick and easy. The bread liners make it simple to remove the bread ...
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Tips & Tricks: Warm Lemon Before Juicing

Warming lemon first before juicing is a great tip for freshly squeezed lemon juice ...
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