Introducing: Top-to-Bottom Recipe Format

I am excited to introduce you to the "Top-to-Bottom Recipe Format", the way a recipe should be written!

Benefits of Top-to-Bottom Recipe Format

  • Know what ingredients are needed at a glance.
  • Easy to follow and understand each step.
  • Does not contain unnecessary information.

After getting married years ago and happily taking on the role of head chef of our little household, I quickly became annoyed with how confusing recipes were. Why create a set of ingredients and a separate set of instructions and then have someone go back and forth between the two throughout the cooking process? It just didn't make sense to me.

Early on in my cooking experience I began using a recipe my mom gave me for Spaghetti Sauce - a childhood favorite I might add! - and it was written in what I now call the "Top-to-Bottom Recipe Format". Not the headache format of generations past. Using the Top-to-Bottom Recipe Format I knew exactly what ingredients I needed at a glance, it was easy to follow and easy to understand each step, and I loved that it didn't contain a bunch of unnecessary fluff.

Since realizing the sheer genius of this way to format a recipe, I have changed all my recipes and any new recipes I find, to read Top-to-Bottom and I love it.

I hope you will find these recipes helpful and delicious. I also hope to help make your meal times happy times in your own home.

Top-to-Bottom Recipe Format